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Company Drills

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Here is proof that you can take apart a school bus using only hand tools.

Bus - side view Bus - rear view

April 2009

March 2009 Special Drill
NYS DEC Forest Fire Class Part II and hands-on training
March 2009 Regular drill NYS DEC Forest Fire Class Part I
February 2009 Special Drill
Ice Rescue Operations  2 day intensive hands-on course
February 2009 Regular drill Pump operations: Draft and relay winter operations hands-on
January 2009 Regular drill Gear Check. Winter Incident Safety. Carbon Monoxide Safety

Compare with a decade ago:

January 1998 Regular drill Ice Rescue, CO calls, Use of the new pressure washer
February 1998 Regular drill Air Pack refresher, Chimney Fires, Driver Training
February 1998 Special drills Search and Rescue, Fire attack, Live burns. Stay tuned!

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