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Frequency List for Ulster County Emergency Services

Fire Dispatch (Plectron) 33.480 Truck to Control F1 46.340
Truck to Truck F2 46.460 Fireground F3 46.300
Fireground F4 46.280 Fireground F5 46.280
Intercounty Fire 45.880 Town of Esopus 46.520
Ulster County Hgy 154.515 Ulster County Hgy 156.180
Kingston City DPW 453.700 NYS D.E.C. 159.435
Ambulance Dispatch 155.175 Ambulance To Hospital 155.220
Ambulance To Hospital 155.280 Ambulance To Hospital 155.340
Ambulance To Hospital 155.400 Police Common Dispatch 155.025
Benedictine Hospital 151.655 Kingston Hospital ?
Central Hudson G&E 48.12 Central Hudson G&E 48.24
City of Kingston Fire 154.235 City of Kingston Fire 154.430
NY State Police 154.935 NY State Police 155.580
National Intersystem PD 155.475 U.C. Sheriff Repeater 155.670
Village of Saugerties Police 155.715 Town of Ulster PD 154.815
Kingston Repeater (O) {OMARC} 147.255 Kingston Repeater (C) 146.805
Airport Unicom 122.80 AM MRD 155.370
UHF TV Channel 19 505.750 Red Dot - What is it??? 151.625
Weather NWS 162.475 Weather NWS 162.550
Hudson Valley Ambulance 153.275 Hudson Valley Ambulance 155.295
East Kingston FD (high band) 154.295 Ruby FD (high band) 154.370
Sawkill FD (high band) 154.100 Spring Lake FD (high band) 154.175
Ulster Hose (high band) 154.400 Ulster Hose FD (F2) 154.190
Bloomington FD (high band) 154.445 Mount Marion FD (high band) 154.250
Diaz Ambulance 155.235 Mobile Life Ambulance 155.295

Please send updates and corrections. We would like to keep this listing as current as possible. Thanks!

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