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What is the Saint Remy Fire Department?

Some of you have known us for many years and are our old friends. Some of you are new to the area and probably don't know anything about us yet. Let's get acquainted.

We are an all volunteer organization of local residents who first came together in 1930 to provide fire protection for ourselves and our neighbors. We number about fourty firefighters and operate four trucks out of two stations covering a seven square mile area. We put out fires large and small, we get people out of crumpled cars, we deal with floods, searches, and all manner of hazardous situations. Believe it or not, we even get the occasional call for a cat stuck in a tree! We respond to about seventy calls for help a year and train several times each month. In short; we are here to help you when you are in trouble. We do all of this for no compensation. Our only remuneration is the satisfaction of a job well done. (Well, some of us do enjoy the adrenalin rush when battling the great destroyer! It's really indescribable to those who have never done it.)

If you've ever wanted to join us, now is the time! We currently have a few openings for serious applicants, as they say. If you can spare a few hours a month to train, to play with the toys and to respond to emergencys, then check us out. We even have championship darts and softball teams. If you would like to help out but don't care to deal directly with fire, we'd still like to have you. There are plenty of "safe" jobs at the scene of an emergency. These run the gamut from directing traffic to running 1500 gallon per minute fire pumps and calculating hydraulics. We have something for everyone who will make a commitment of some time.

Our regular meetings are at 7PM on the second monday night of each month at the Saint Remy station on Main Street. All of the firefighters are special people and some are real characters. The reason that most of us do this is a combination of service to the community that we call our own and just plain fun and satisfaction. If you get a chance, ask Captain Dave McMahon why he joined. His story can't fail to make an impression on you.

If you need more information before making a commitment then ask any firefighter.
Thanks for your support.

Karl Wick - Past Fire Chief

Click here if you'd like for a printable/downloadable membership application. It will cover two pages.

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