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This is the Charles Bommer House.

It burned down on April 7th 1941.

The American Lafrance pumper got seriously bogged down in the mud as it tried to make it to a water supply to fight the above fire.

Mud can stop even our bravest. This is the Saint Remy American Lafrance engine the day after the fire shown below.
The engine was headed for a pond to pump water to the fire when the soft spring ground swallowed it up to the axles.
 The crew managed to pull it out in a few hours. (L-R) Sam Barnett?, Phil Fischer Jr., Cornelius Helmich, Walter Helmich
or Doc Bovie, Harry Havlin (with cigar) Jimmy Helmich, Driver unknown.

The Bomer house was located on the Oak Grove Farm (now the Oak Tree Farm) between Saint Remy and Rifton.
Mr. Bomer had just finished renovating the house and someone who didn’t like him was overheard making the comment
 ‘No siree, you’ll never live in this place’. Two days later it burned to the ground. The arsonist was never brought to justice.

Taken from the book  Esopus by Karl R. and  Susan B. Wick.

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