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Smokey Says

A collection of articles about firefighting techniques reprinted from past "Signal 52" newsletters and other sources.

Disclaimer - The information contained herein is intended for use by properly trained firefighters only. A fire is a dynamic situation and no printed information can provide complete instructions on any aspect of firefighting. This information is intended to be used only as a supplement to thorough training by certified instructors. In the event of a conflict, the firefighter should follow his/her own department's protocalls.

The authors of this page; the officers, members and commissioners of the Saint Remy Fire District, Department and Company take no responsibility for the use of any information contained herein. If you use this information, it is of your own volition and on your own sole responsibility. Remember: Safety, Training and Common Sense must rule on the fireground.

The Heirchy of Safety

  1. Your OWN safety comes first.
  2. Your partner's safety is a close second
  3. The safety of other firefighters comes next
  4. The safety of non-firefighters is important but comes after the above
  5. Never trade a life for a life
  6. Analyze Risk vs Benefit
  7. Life Safety takes precidence over Property Safety

The Heirchy of Fire Attack

  1. Size up First
  2. Work as a team and follow the Incident Command System
  3. Protect Exposures (an exposure can be the next room, building, etc.)
  4. Have secondary escape routes
  5. Ventilate properly
  6. Attack fire from the uninvolved portion of the area (building, vehicle, grounds)
  7. Don't apply water to smoke, apply water to fire
  8. Apply water in the right amount and in the right place
  9. Use EXTREME caution when over the fire
  10. Minimize colatteral damage (damage done in putting out the fire)

    Here Begins the Archive

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