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What we do

The Saint Remy Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency services to the residents of Saint Remy, New Salem, Ulster Park, Union Center, and the areas in between.

We operate out of two stations and cover about seven square miles of territory. Our district is about ten miles from end to end. This is a mostly residential and rural area, with some religeous facilities, one large manufacturing complex, and many home businesses. The east central part of the district is occupied by "Snake Hill" and the south east corner by Shaupeneak mountain. The New York Central Railroad is our eastern boundry and the Rondout Creek makes up our northern and western boundries.

Station One 564 Main Street Saint Remy, NY 12401 914-338-1494
Station Two 252 Union Center Rd. Ulster Park, NY 12401 914-331-2419

We provide the following services:

EMS in our township is provided by the capable hands of the Town of Esopus Volunteer Ambulance Squad. We assist them when they request our help.

We are dispatched through a centralized County Emergency Communications Center via pager and radio. Calls come in to the center through an enhanced 911 system which offers immediate trace and display of the caller's location. If the caller is unable to speak we still know where to respond. The ECC handles dispatch and coordination of Fire, EMS and Police for the county.

The fire service operates on five radio frequencys plus a pager frequency, all on low band. Some companies in the county have additional high band frequencys at their disposal.

In 2008 we responded to the following dispatched calls.

Structure Fires
Vehicle Fires
Brush Fires
Outdoor Electrical/Trees
Vehicle Accidents
Mutual Aid
Hazardous Materials
Public Service
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Smoke Investigations
Boat Fire (MA)
Tree in Road, etc.
False Alarm
Plus  non-dispatched

SRFD is a member of these organizations;

UCVFA Certificate from 1935

Insurance Information and ISO

Histor Lesson: In 1998 we responded to the following dispatched calls.

Structure Fires 1 Vehicle Fires 1
Brush Fires 2 Outdoor Electrical/Trees 10
Vehicle Accidents 14 Mutual Aid 10
Hazardous Materials 2 Public Service 6
Carbon Monoxide Detector 1 Smoke Investigations 2
Boat Fire (MA) 1 Tree in Road, etc. 3
Medical 1 False Alarm 2
TOTAL CALLS: 55 Plus 6 non-dispatched

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Created Tue Nov 19, 1996
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