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Proof of Plot Ownership

It is standard practice to require proof of plot ownership prior to burial. The Saint Remy Rural Cemetery Association adheres to this practice because it protects legitimate plot owners, the Association and other involved parties.

While many cemeteries consider a deed to be the only acceptable proof, we understand that a deed may become lost or destroyed. In order to ease the burial process, the Association has developed a list of acceptable proofs of ownership.

Acceptible proofs are listed here.

Any ONE of these proofs is acceptable

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Cremation Burials

The Association fully supports burial of cremated remains.
We allow burial of up to two cremation remains per plot as per Board resolution..
All remains and containers must be buried below
the average frost line1, or three feet, whichever is greater.
Excavation must be pre-approved by the Association.
Vaults are not required for cremations.

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Proper Footings/Foundations are required for all monuments. All foundations must extend below the average frost line1, or three feet, whichever is greater.
Footings are to be poured concrete. Foundations may be poured concrete, concrete block with masonry joints and filled holes, or stone laid up with mortar.
It is imperative that no upper part of a foundation extend laterally beyond a lower part to prevent frost lifting.
Excavation must be pre-approved by the Association.
Foundations must be at least the full width and length of the monument.
Foundations must be flush with the finished ground surface as much as practical..
We recommend that foundations have a mowing edge extending about two inches beyond the monument on all sides.

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Double Burials

While the Association strongly discourages the practice of stacking burials in a single grave, we will consider making an exception for extraordinary circumstances, if we are given adequate proof that the original burial was at a depth of no less then six feet.

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Reuse of Ancient Graves

New York State Law permits reuse of graves (with burials over a certain age) by the plot owners. Because this practice brings with it the potential for greater emotional stress for family members, the Association strongly discourages it except where unmarked ancient burials are accidentally disturbed by excavations for new burials.

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Approved Grave Diggers

All excavations and persons creating excavations must be approved by the Cemetery Association prior to commencement of work. Excavations are to be made by a pre-approved contractor under the direction of the Association. This also includes cremation burials.

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Our costs for individual graves are $xxx per grave, plus $yyy for four corner markers.

Open and closing charges are $www for full graves and $zzz for cremations.

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Vaults are required for all burials in the "new" section (all areas north of Greenkill Road)

Vaults are suggested for burials in all areas south of Greenkill road.  (Sometimes there is insufficient room for a vault because old plots were smaller.) The Cemetery association shall not be held responsible for the inability to use a vault.

Vaults are not required for cremation burials. Remember that all cremations must be below frost line1

The Committee of Superintendence

As specified in the by-laws of the Association, the "Committee of Superintendence" or the Superintendent must approve all excavations, burials, markers etc on Cemetery grounds and insure that these items conform to Association rules.

These people are volunteers. They receive no pay for what they do. A Cemetery representative spends 1-3 hours supervising each burial. They help because they care about our community and cemetery.

We are grateful for the professional way that most funeral directors (local and from out of town) work with our staff.

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Current General Rules of the Cemetery

Note: This is list is for reference only and is not intended to be all inclusive. The original rules and by-laws also apply unless superceded by current rules.

Endnote 1: As specified by the Town of Esopus Building Department. (This is currently 42")

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